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Advising for Major 216 (704)

stay on path

Stay In Touch With Your Advisor

Your advisor is your primary contact for advice on career and graduate study options, courses to take to satisfy your career goals, and for any questions you have about graduating on time. Your advisor is also a good source of information about obtaining research experience in faculty labs, obtaining internships, and summer jobs.
You can obtain up-to-date information on your progress toward your degree by visiting Degree Navigator. You can view your transcripts here.

Who is Your Advisor?

You can look up your advisor at

  1. Go to:
  2. Login with your NetID and password.
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen you will see a two letter Academic Advisor Code.
  4. Clicking on the code takes you to a list of codes for all SEBS Academic Advisors.
  5. Scroll down the list until you find your code. The name of your advisor appears next to their code. The advisor’s name is a link to their university whitepages entry where contact information is available.
If information is lacking, contact Dr. Kimberly Russell ().

New to the Major?

Please fill out this online form to be assigned an advisor.

Switching to SEBS from SAS or elsewhere in Rutgers?

Here is the information and application to do that.

Advisor List and Contact Information
Code Room Phone Email
Aronson, Myla
AR Blake Hall 105 848-932-4275
Bonachela, Juan
B3 ENR 134 848-932-5516
Duffy, Siobain
DU Foran Hall 316 848-932-8165 x318
Grabosky, Jason
GR 80 Nichol Ave, Rm 102 848-932-0050
Handel, Steven
HM Plant Phys 101 848-932-4516
John-Alder, Henry
JH ENR 152A 848-932-1064
Lathrop, Richard
LP ENR 129 848-932-1580
Lockwood, Julie
LJ ENR 146 848-932-9336
Maslo, Brooke
MZ ENR 144 848-932-5572
Meixler, Marci
M3 ENR 126 848-932-1081
Morin, Peter
MP ENR 148 848-932-3214
Russell, Kimberly
RU ENR 124 848-932-9383
Smouse, Peter
SR Waller Hall 001 848-932-1124
Struwe, Lena
SK Foran 237 848-932-9711
Sukhdeo, Michael
SL Bartlett Hall 213A 848-932-9406
Sukhdeo, Suzanne
SU Bartlett Hall 217
Wiedenmann, John
WI ENR 125 848-932-3495
Winfree, Rachael
WF ENR 128 848-932-8315
Xu, Ming
XA ENR 132 848-932-9211

Any Questions? Please contact the Program Director: Kimberly Russell ( )