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Awards and Undergraduate Research

2024 Senior Graduation Award Winners

Awardees group photo. Zoom in
(l-r) Aidan T. Dannenfelser (Peter Smouse Award for Outstanding Student in Evolution), Lisa M. Heithmar, Elwood B. Moore Forestry Award, Hana Adil (Roger Locandro Award for Outstanding Student in Natural Resources), Catherine G. Flynn (James Applegate Award for Excellence in Wildlife Conservation), Alyssa R. Vanderhoof (M. Buell Scholarship for Outstanding Student in Ecology), Matt Heinle, Teuvo Airola Memorial Award in Environmental Geomatics. Not pictured: Julia Cancro (Ning Moeller Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship)

Six awards are presented annually by the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources.
The award winners are as follows:

2024 G.H. Cook Scholars

2022 G.H. Cook Scholars in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

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