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Experience-based Form

Three credits of Experience-based learning are required for graduation from SEBS.  Exp-based learning is NOT a course, instead it is hands-on experience that can be completed through Practical Experience in EENR (11:216:440) or Research Experience in EENR (11:216:484), or George H. Cook Senior Honors thesis, or Student to Professional Internship Network (SPIN) or external internship.  Credits can be done 1 credit at a time, adding up for a minimum of 3 credits (you can do more than 3 credits).

The credit hours are: 1 credit x 3 hours/week multiplied by 14 weeks (in a semester).  This means that if you sign up for 1 credit, you need to complete roughly 42 hours in ONE semester.  You can sign up 1.5 credits, etc., up to 3 credits (which works out to 126 hours!).  If you sign up for the summer session, the same amount of work time applies, ie. 1 credit=42 hours, but the time frame can be different.

Below is the contract that you, your faculty advisor, and in the case of an external internship, your job supervisor must fill out before the start of the semester/internship.  The form will be kept by the faculty advisor.  There is no need to submit the form to the Undergraduate Program Director.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Russell ().