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Kamren Gorman wins the P.S. Smouse Award for Outstanding Student in Evolution

Kamren Gorman
Kamren Gorman

Kamren transferred into the Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources department at the beginning of his junior year. He discovered his enthusiasm for ecology and evolution through birdwatching and going on hours-long hikes. Kamren has since taken many courses such as Ornithology, Plant Ecology, Parasite Ecology, and Wetland Ecology, the latter of which afforded him the opportunity to earn the Wetland Delineation Certificate. All of the mentioned courses confirmed his passion for ecology and evolution. Kamren hopes to apply all of the information he has gleaned over his time spent at Rutgers and work in the field of Wetland Restoration and Conservation before coming back to academia for graduate school and eventually staying in academia in a teaching capacity.

June 2023