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Kiera Malone

Kiera Malone Awarded the 2019 Cookingham Scholarship »

SEBS Newsroom Article

Photo: Michael Bolan, Marila Xie, Nanina Bryan, Connor Anderson, Hailey Conrad, and Adam Yawdoszyn

George H. Cook Honors Scholars Give Research Presentations »

Photo: Red-winged blackbird . Photo courtesy of JudaM from Pixabay

Article Highlights Backyard Bird Feeder Cameras and How Birds Respond to Climate Change »

A New Jersey resident put a high-tech spotlight on the dozen bird (and mammal) species dining at his Atlantic Highlands bird feeder. He suspects some are returning early due to climate change. Rutgers postdoctoral researcher Mike Allen weighs in and explains why the Red-winged Blackbird (pictured) may be a species to watch.

Photo: Sarota acantus photo courtesy of Lena Struwe

It's on Again! 2020 Personal Bioblitz »

2020 Personal Bioblitz Project on iNaturalist

Photo: Herbarium plant samlpe

Chrysler Herbarium, a Wealth of Treasures for the Future »

2019 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment front cover

Max Piana et al. publish in Frontiers in Ecology, "Plants in the city: understanding recruitment dynamics in urban landscapes »

Photo: School of fish in aquarium

Warm-Water Species Are Rapidly Increasing and Cold-Water Species Are Decreasing »

Article in Nature Climate Change

Photo: Malin Pinsky

Malin Pinsky has been selected as one of Science News' 2019 Scientists to Watch! »


Photo: Humpback whale - Pixabay

Dramatic Increase in Whales in NJ/NYC Raises Safety Concerns»

Danielle Brown's Research - YouTube Video


Photo: Pam Soltis, professor Lena Struwe, and president Mark Fishbein

Lena Struwe Receives American Society of Plant Taxonomists' 2019 Peter Raven Award for Exceptional Outreach to Non-Scientists »

ASPT Award Announcement

Photo: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment front cover June 2019

Exotic Pet Trade Leads to Several Hundred Non-Native and Invasive Animal Species »

News Story in Mongabay | Article in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Photo: acer male this year female last year. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Blake-Mahmud

Switching It Up: Striped Maple Trees Change Sex, with Females More Likely to Die »

News Story in NewScientist | Article in Annals of Botany

Photo: Bees Virescens male. Photo courtesy of Michael Roswell

Female and Male Bees' Flower Preferences Differ, Sometimes as If They Were Different Species »

Paper by Roswell et al. in PLoS ONE

Jean-Pierre Jacob

Jean-Pierre Jacob (SEBS '19) Delivers the Class Representative Remarks at the SEBS 2019 Convocation on May 20, 2019! »


Photo: Dorothy Lee. Photo courtesy of Phia Trinidad

Dorothy Lee Founded the Compost Club and Is a Leader in Social and Environmental Sustainability on the SEBS Campus »

Photo: Senior gradution award winners Robert Helsel, Casey Hamilton, Emily Conway, Darrell Jones, Mary Powley and Tanner Yuhas. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Sukhdeo

Congratulations to Our 2019 Senior Graduation Award Winners »

Photo: Gotham Whale. Photo courtesy of Celia Ackerman

Danielle Brown's Research on Humpback Whales and Potential Vessel Encounters Was Published in Marine Policy »

Article in ScienceDirect

Black sea bass at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Georgia.

Marine Species Are Hit Harder by Warming Than Are Species on Land — Paper by Pinsky et al. in Nature »

Free access to the full paper via the Pinsky lab website

Dr. Becca Selden

Dr. Selden Discusses Climate Change as an Emerging Issue for Fisheries in Front of House Subcommittee »

Photo: Prostrate knotweed. Photo by Lena Struwe

Melding New and Old Tech: Herbaria Illuminate Urban Plant Diversity »

Aliya Caldwel holding award

EENR Undergraduate Research Student Aliya Caldwell Wins First Place in Poster Competition at the Rutgers Microplastics Conference »

Arbor Day Photo Contest finalist, photo courtesy of Tushar Roy

The Rutgers Urban Forestry Program Will Host the 2019 NJ State Arbor Day Celebration »

"Seed to Saw" - From Bur Oak to Lumber (Video)


Malin Pinsky Announced Early Career Fellow by the Ecological Society of America »

Black Sea Bass, photo credit Orion Weldon

Climate Change Shrinks Many Fisheries Globally »

Publication in Science

birds nest fungus Crucibulum laeve cc Lena Struwe

Oh, All the Species You Can Find! Students and Faculty Lead Discovery of All Biodiversity at Rutgers »

Story in Rutgers Today | Sixth Personal Bioblitz starts March 1

Banded Blue Jay. Photo courtesy of Jeff Brown

A New Community in an Old Forest: Loss of Songbirds Leads to Community Shift in an Old Growth Forest »

Story in The Wildlife Society | Publication in Biodiversity and Conservation

storm surge, image courtesy of Dr. Brooke Maslo

Brooke Maslo's Efforts to Increase Climate Resiliency in NJ Communities Featured on PBS »

Commercial fishing boat

Edward Tekwa et al. Publish a Study on Why Fish Conservation Succeeds or Fails »

Story in Rutgers Today | News Release from the Princeton Environmental Institute

storm surge, Dr. Brooke Maslo

Brooke Maslo's Interview About Her Work on Flood Plain Restoration Broadcast on German Public Radio »


Trail map

Rick Lathrop Opens New Wildlife Loop Trail in Rutgers EcoPreserve »

Dr. Brooke Maslo holding an American oystercatcher

Brooke Maslo's Research Evaluates the Impacts of Severe Storms on Endangered Beach Fauna »

Dr. Rachael Winfree

Dr. Rachael Winfree Joins the Duke Farms Scientific Advisory Board »

Raptor on table - Cape May Raptor Banding Project

Rutgers Students Darrell Jones and Jack Kellogg Accompany Cape May Raptor Banding Project »


Dr. Malin Pinsky Interviewed in Podcast "The Atlantic Cod Is Leaving U.S. Waters" Presented at Yale Climate Connections»

Dr. Henry John-Alder

Dr. Henry John-Alder awarded NSF grant »

The project will investigate reversals in testosterone's control of growth and underlying genes across male-larger and female-larger lizards.

Students looking at plants during class

Julie Lockwood and Oliver Stringham publish a paper on the exotic pet trade »

Article in Rutgers Today » | Article in The Ecologist » | Article in Journal of Applied Ecology »

Chris Martine

DEENR alumnus Chris Martine gets national outreach award »

red knot, Photo credit: Mark Peck, Royal Ontario Museum

Mapping Endangered Red Knots' Remote Breeding Habitat »

Article in BioOne »

Dr. Lena Struwe

Lena Struwe Receives the Charles Edwin Bessey Teaching Award by the Botanical Society of America »

Congratulations by IAPT president Pat Herendeen »

Design Plans

Brooke Maslo and Jeremiah Bergstrom Are Featured in a Scientific American Article for Their Work on the Restoration of Floodplain Habitat to Achieve Climate Resilience »

Photo of a bee, courtesy of F. Benjamin

Rachael Winfree:
Crop Pollination Depends on Communities of Wild Bees »

Photo of a fishing boat

Climate Change Means Fish Are Moving Faster Than Regulations

Article in the SEBS Newsroom » | Article in Science »

Members of TWS Rutgers Chapter haul wood down the trail for the new boardwalk.

See the RU Wildlife Society Student Chapter's Activities Highlighted in the NJ TWS Newsletter (620k PDF)

Photo of a Lucia Weinman

Lucia Weinman's Research on Bees Featured in Great Lakes Research and Education Center's Facebook Post »


2018 senior graduation award winners group photo

Congratulations to Our 2018 Senior Graduation Award Winners »


Photo of a bee

Rachael Winfree's NSF Grant and Recent Science Paper Are Featured on the NSF Biological Sciences Web Site

Article in Science »

Joyce Ong

Say What?
Fish Have Ears and People Study Them? »

Photo of Rafael Valentin

Rafael Valentin's and Dr. Julie Lockwood's Research Highlight in Nature »

Article in Frontiers of Ecology and the Environment »

Photo of James Duffy

James Duffy (SEBS '18) Delivers the Class Representative Remarks at the SEBS 2018 Convocation on May 14, 2018! »

Photo School of fish

Malin Pinsky Was Appointed to Oceana Science Advisor to Promote Dialogue and Collaboration Around Oceana's "Save the Oceans, Feed the World" Campaign »

Photo of Marci Meixler

Marci Meixler wins Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching »

Photo of Julie Lockwood

Julie Lockwood wins the SEBS Research Excellence Award »

Photo of fishing boats and lobster traps pixabay Richard442

Malin Pinsky was interviewed on NPR about a new paper published by his lab »

Article in PLOS »

Photo of Max Nausbaum, Sam Fagundez, Rita Grunberg (grad student) and Elise McKean

Sam Fagundez wins first prize in poster presentation at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting »

school of permits pixabay

Malin Pinsky gives the "Rising Star in Ecology" talk at the University of Toronto's Atwood Colloquium »

Photo of a Brown Trout

When an invasive species is a recreational fisherman's dream catch »

SEBS/NJAES Newsroom Story

Photo of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

Does biodiversity really matter to human well-being? »

SEBS/NJAES Newsroom Story

Photo: Group photo in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile

Lathrop tied in knots at the end of the world »

Rutgers Today | SEBS/NJAES Newsroom Story | Conserve Wildlife Blog

Pruning the oaks on Lipman Drive

Arborists' Work Day at Rutgers »

SEBS/NJAES Newsroom Story

Photo: killer whale orca breaching the ocean, CC0 Pixabay Skeeze

The president's proposed budget would eliminate an agency that has been protecting crucial species for more than 40 years »

Article in Scientific American

young seedlings growing out of bottles

Trees having sex, but taking their own sweet time to work out that male/female thing »

Article in Springer | Washington Post | Smithsonian Magazine |

Photo: Fishing boats.

Alice In Wonderland has lessons for climate adaptation »

Article in PNAS

bombus veronicastrum photo courtesy of M Macleod

Science paper finds the more bee species, the better the pollination »

Article in Science | SEBS/NJAES Newsroom Story

image of a hard fern

The Personal Bioblitz starts March 1st, 2018 »

Article in Rutgers Today | Instructions how to sign up

view of plants on a lab bench with learning materials, image courtesy of Susanne Ruemmele

Lena Struwe launches Botany Depot – global botanical education resource »

Botany-Depot website link | Rutgers Today coverage | SEBS/NJAES Newsroom story | Botany-Depot facebook page

Johnny Quispe in the field

E&E Grad student selected for CERF's Rising TIDES conference mentoring program »

Eden Buenaventura presents during the GIS Day 2017 event

Former EENR student presents at GIS day »

SEBS/NJAES Newsroom story

Yellow trout lily (Erythronium americanum), photo courtesy of Tina Harrison

Forests are critical habitat for diverse communities of native bees »

Link to full paper in Global Change Biology

HMF students identify forest plants

Appalachian Mountain Club's AMC Outdoors magazine features the Hutcheson Memorial Forest »

Siobain Duffy, Ann Palmenberg, Stacey Horner

Siobain Duffy awarded virology society's Junior Investigator Prize »

cover photo of American Journal of Botany August 2017

Urban plant research featured on cover of August 2017 issue of American Journal of Botany »

Rafael Valentin

Graduate student's novel research secures multiple grants and ESA presentation award »

Acer pensylvanicum leaves

Jennifer Blake-Mahmud Awarded Best Oral Paper in the Physiology Section at Botany 2017 Conference  »

Katalin Malcolm

Dr. Katalin Malcolm is joining our faculty
on Sept 1

Juan Bonachela

Dr. Juan Bonachela will be joining our faculty on Jan 1, 2018 »

Tim Casey

Distinguished Professor Tim Casey Retires After 40-Year Career at Rutgers »

Dr. Brooke Maslo on Greenable Woodbridge

Dr. Brooke Maslo discusses an upcoming 24 hour Bioblitz public event on Greenable Woodbridge TV »


Dr. Nazia N. Arbab

Dr. Nazia N. Arbab Awarded at National Modeling Symposium »

award winners image courtesy of Suzanne Sukhdeo

Congratulations to the 2017 Senior Graduation Award Winners »

Dr. Myla Aronson and group of scientists

Most cities plan to protect biodiversity yet lack mechanisms to measure success »

See the SEBS/NJAES newsroom feature

Cara Faillace

Cara Faillace receives all three graduate student awards offered by the Graduate School New Brunswick »

Jason Grabosky

Another win, but we're not bored yet! »

See coverage on the award in the SEBS/NJAES News Room

Megan King

Megan King, EENR undergrad from Chrysler Herbarium wins Student Employee of the Year at Rutgers and in the State of NJ »

Feature about Megan in Rutgers Today | SEBS/NJAES News Room

teeth, photo courtesy of LaShanda Williams

Glad they didn't brush their teeth! »

Graduate student LaShanda Williams studies the human oral microbiome using the Cleveland Museum's Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection.

priests on Lake Suwa. Image courtesy of J.J. Magnuson

Centuries of human observations of lake and river ice chronicle hastened climate warming »

National Geographic Voices blog | Publication in Scientific Reports

(picture by J.J. Magnuson)

bluefin tuna, photo by Aziz Saltik (flickr)

New paper in PNAS reveals how hunting can lead to species extinction »

Publication in PNAS | (picture by Aziz Saltik)

Fundamentals of Evolution: poster exhibit. Photo credit: Susanne Ruemmele

"Evolution in Action" poster exhibition will showcase student research and creativity (42k PDF)  »

Ryan Batt takes a reading of oxygen levels in a Center for Limnology study lake in Northern Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of STEVE CARPENTER

When it comes to extremes, biology puts up bigger numbers than the environment »

UW-Madison Press Release | "Extremes" Paper in PNAS

Photo: stilt legged fly; photo taken in Costa Rica during the 2015 Bioblitz; Image courtesy of Lena Struwe (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Personal Bioblitz starts on March 1 – how many species can you find? »

student examining a bat

Brooke Maslo to investigate if rapid evolution rescues bats infected with white-nose syndrome »

Amanda Sorensen

Sorensen wins Outstanding Student Paper Award at AGU Conference »

Students hiking

Winter Ecology Students Experience the Snowy Central Adirondacks »

Life in the Cold Song

Photo: A fig exposing its many tiny matured, seed-bearing gynoecia; image courtesy of schleichpost0

Rutgers undergraduates improve public access to scientific knowledge through Wikipedia »

Photo: Nymphaea alba; image courtesy of Lena Struwe (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Lena Struwe elected council member to the International Association of Plant Taxonomists (IAPT) »

4H Rutgersience Saturday

Bhattacharya lab hosts 4-H Rutgerscience Saturday on Coral Reef Genomics »

Photo: Henry John-Alder

Henry John-Alder Named AAAS Fellow »

Henry John-Alder portrayed in the SEBS/NJAES News Room
Meet the newest AAAS member in the Spring 2017 Explorations Magazine (page 7/8) (PDF).

bat house building day 2016

The Maslo Lab Goes Batty on Halloween »

Batty YouTube Video

Photo credit: Simon Thorrold

New paper from the Pinsky lab: where did Nemo go? »

workshop attendees group photo

Myla Aronson attends international workshop on urban
invasion ecology »