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Dr. Rachael Winfree Joins the Duke Farms Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Rachael Winfree

In recognition of her trailblazing research on the effects of environmental change on the biodiversity of pollinators and the ecosystem service they provide, Dr. Rachael Winfree has been selected to join a small and distinguished group of members of the Duke Farms Science Advisory Committee. Located in rural Hillsborough, NJ about 20 miles from campus, Duke Farms is a leader in environmental sustainability and is committed to a leadership role in supporting research and developing demonstration projects to mitigate impacts of climate change, especially with regard to ecological restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, green building techniques, and sustainable operations. Dr. Winfree’s role will be to help guide Duke Farms’ path to becoming a natural climate solutions research station and demonstration site, engaging academic partners in a rigorous experimentation and monitoring enterprise.

October 2018