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Myla Aronson attends international workshop on urban invasion ecology

Photo: Myla Aronson and group of scientists

Group photo of the attending scientists at the international workshop on urban invasion ecology.

Professor Myla Aronson recently participated in a workshop focused on "Non-native species in urban environments: patterns, processes, impacts and challenges", organized by the Center for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa. The workshop brought together scientists, students, and city environmental professionals around the central theme of how invasions are structured in urban areas. Dr. Aronson gave presentations on her work with Karen O'Neill (Human Ecology) and Joan Ehrenfeld examining the role of urban rivers as corridors for invasive plants and her work with Elena Tartaglia (Bergen Community College, Ecology and Evolution PhD 2013) studying the propagule pressure of horticultural plantings on natural areas in suburban Long Island.

The workshop featured a series of talks and discussions around the patterns, drivers, impacts, and management of invasive plants and animals. The group aims to publish a series of papers in Biological Invasions setting a research agenda for urban invasion ecology, addressing how invasions are different in cities than outside of cities, and guides for future research and management of invasive species in urban areas.

December 2016