Incorporating the Sustainability Minor into the EENR Major

For Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resource students who are interested in completing the Minor in Sustainability, we have compiled a list of courses (see below) that will NOT only fulfill some categories in the EENR Major but ALSO fulfill the Sustainability Minor.

You are not compelled to only take these courses listed below, this is meant as a suggestion. In addition, Natural Resources Economics (11:373:362) fulfills the SEBS core curriculum Social Analysis – Governmental and Regulatory Analysis!!!

Foundations (9 cr) – all must be taken to get sustainability minor

  1. A. Introduction to sustainability (11:374:299) 3 cr.
  2. B. Sustainability Decision Tools (11:373:202) 3 cr.
  3. C. Sustainable Environmental Management (11:216:320) 3 cr.

Areas of Inquiry – take 1 course in each area (courses listed below will count for both EENR major and sustainability minor)

A. Resource Management Systems

  1. Principles of Natural Resource Management (11:216:217)
  2. Conservation Ecology (11:216:317)
  3. Global Change and Ecology (11:216:451)
  4. Conservation Techniques (11:216:315)
  5. Restoration Ecology (11:216:488)
  6. Principles of Air Pollution (11:375:421)

B. Governance

  1. US Environmental policy (11:374:313)
  2. Natural resource policy (11:374:314)

C. Economics and Social Systems

  1. Natural Resources Economics (11:373:362)* SCL-Gov. & Reg. Analysis
  2. Environmental Economics (11:373:363)

Practicum (3 cr) – can take any one of the following to count for both EENR major and sustainability minor

  1. Practical Experience in Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources (11:216:440)
  2. Research Problems in Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources (11:216:484)
  3. Practicum in Sustainability (11:374:399)