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Nina Fedoryka wins the R. Locandro Award for Outstanding Student in Natural Resources

Nina Fedoryka
Nina Fedoryka

My appreciation for nature began in high school, starting with an experience many may relate to as I took AP Environmental Science. I was intrigued by what I learned and decided to focus on natural sciences when it came to my college career.

The EENR Department has been the best place for me to explore different topics in ecology and develop my understanding of the field in general. Core classes provided foundational knowledge while electives like Ornithology and Evolution of Disease and Medicine allowed me to explore my niche interests. I gained experience in the department through my work with the Herbarium and completing research as a part of Dr. Russell’s Bee Team. Even more, my senior year I was able to complete a G.H. Cook Thesis on ground bees and create supplemental habitat for them in urban environments.

Even with my love for ecology and the natural world, I am exploring new paths after graduation. I will be pursuing a Master’s in Social Work this fall here at Rutgers University. I am interested in exploring people’s connection to nature and how that can impact their health and well-being. My hope is that in the future, I will be able to explore this connection and use my background in ecology to perhaps delve into a career in eco-therapy. I am grateful to have been awarded the Roger Locandro Award for the Outstanding Student in Natural Resources and am proud to soon be an EENR alum!

June 2023