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Nathan H. Rausch

Star students

Winner of the Elwood B. Moore Forestry Award

    For as far back as I remember I liked being outside. When I was younger my parents and I went out on weekend trips to museums and parks of the area. I really started to love camping when I started Boy Scouts and would go on weekend campouts. This continued on to me doing trail restoration as an Eagle Scout project before I graduated high school. Appreciation for nature is something I have grown up with and is a continuing theme in my life, especially at Rutgers. I look back now at the best classes I had here and realize I’ve learned a whole bunch in four years. This campus was great for learning about plants, animals, and environmental processes. Having classes that have two week camping trips and field trips every week was a great way to get hands on experience while at school. I took a liking towards learning trees and shrubs in our area. This past semester I taught a class of students under Dr. Vodak for Dendrology class. The class was a great experience and really influenced my future plans. As for after college, I am planning on attending graduate school and studying forest ecology. I hope to continue teaching people about the natural environment in our area after college.