Julie Lockwood attends international workshop on the future of invasion science in Cambridge University

Group photo, photo courtesy of Julie Lockwood

Attendees to the Invasion Science Horizon Scan at Cambridge University, September 2016. From left to right, Josie Iacarrela, David Aldridge, Petr Pysek, Dan Simberloff, Julie Lockwood, Tony Ricciardi, Jim Carlton, Phillip Hulme, David Wardle, Tim Blackburn, Jonathon Jeschke, Sandy Liebhold, Greg Ruiz, David Richardson, and Bill Sutherland.

Professor Julie Lockwood was one of 12 international scientists to be invited to participate in a workshop on the future of invasion science held at Cambridge University this September. This unique 2-day workshop was designed as a horizon scan of emerging and future issues that are expected to challenge risk assessment and management of non-native species over the next few decades.

Photo: Julie Lockwood and Jim Carlton

Julie Lockwood and Jim Carlton (Williams College) chatting on a break at the meeting.

It also provided an unprecedented opportunity for leading experts to evaluate the progress of the field and make recommendations for future research directions. The workshop attendees considered a very broad range of issues that are likely to be of importance over the next 20 years, but which may not be currently receiving lots of attention. They also sought agreement on what current issues are most pressing in terms of requiring substantial research attention. The group aims to publish a few targeted review articles that will articulate their shared vision of what the urgent and emerging issues are in invasion science. The workshop was organized by Tony Ricciardi of McGill University and David Aldridge of Cambridge University, and attendees traveled from around the world to participate.


October 2016