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Certificate in Urban/Community Forestry

About the Certificate program

Urban and community forestry is the fastest growing segment of the forestry profession, especially in the northeast, where the total expenditure of time and money on community forestry (nursery, planting, pruning, removals, and line clearance) exceeds that spent on woodlands. This certificate is designed to provide students with the necessary credentials for employment by providing the fundamental knowledge and expertise required for this field.

The certificate is administered through the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources but is designed for students in several curricula. For further information, contact Dr. Jason Grabosky, 848-932-0050, or .

Required Courses: 9 courses

  • 11:370:381 Insect Biology (4 cr)
  • 11:573:231 Fundamentals of Environmental Planning (3 cr)
  • 11:374:314 Natural Resource Policy (3 cr)
  • 11:216:332 Plant Ecology (4 cr)
  • 11:216:365 Arboriculture (4 cr)
  • 11:216:377 Practicum in Forest Management (1-12 cr)
  • 11:216:403 Urban Forestry (3 cr)
  • 11:216:464 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (3 cr)
  • 11:216:473 Wildlife Damage Management (3 cr)
  • 11:770:391 Diseases of Urban and Forest Trees (1.5 cr)
  • 11:776:202 Applied Physiology of Horticultural Crops (3 cr)