Pre-advising Information

Welcome. You are probably filling out this survey because you are new to the major. Thanks for taking time to complete this. We assign advisers based on a number of factors, including your interests.

Questions marked with a * are required.

*1. When do you plan on graduating?
*2. What is your student number?
*3. Give your last name, first name.
*4. What is your RUTGERS email address?
5. Who is your current advisor at Rutgers (if any)?
*6. In what Rutgers School (eg. SAS, SEBS, SOE) are you currently enrolled?
*7. If you transferred to SEBS, where did you come from? (for example, SAS, SOE, community college, another four institution, etc.)
8. Do you have a second major? If so, list here
9. List any minors or certifications you are pursuing.
*10. What led you to choose the major(s) you are pursuing?
*11. Do you think you have worked, interned, volunteered or engaged in some activity that might meet the experience-based learning requirement? If so, describe.
*12. What aspect of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources interests you? (pick the closest one from the list)
*13. Describe the career you hope to have one day.
*14. How will your Major Degree Program help you to prepare you for your future?
*15. What do you think about when you choose what courses to take? (eg. fun, required, job preparation, fit in schedule, told to, don't know, etc.)
16. Any other comments?