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Brooke Maslo, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Phone: 732-932-4273
Fax: 732-932-4517

Kimberly S. Clapper holding a bird

Kimberly S. Clapper
Co. Advisor
District Supervisor/Wildlife Biologist
USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

Brian Schumm,  RU TWA president

Brian Schumm
Rutgers Undergraduate

Michelle Arias, Treasurer

Michelle Arias
Vice President
Rutgers Undergraduate

Raffia Ahmed, secretary

Raffia Ahmed
Rutgers Undergraduate

Hannah Adickman, Treasurer

Hannah Adickman
Rutgers Undergraduate

Casey McArdle, event coordinator

Casey McArdle
Event Coordinator
Rutgers Undergraduate

Darrell Jones, Marketing Director

Darrell Jones
Marketing Director
Rutgers Undergraduate

Kiera Malone, News Editor

Kiera Malone
News Editor
Rutgers Undergraduate